Dave Hopwood

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Dave Hopwood - writer, speaker, Bible communicator

Dave loves communicating the Bible using contemporary media, humour and stories. Until recently he was creative arts director at the Lee Abbey Conference Centre in Devon, where he wrote and directed a variety of shows, authored several books, and fronted chat shows and entertainment evenings. 

He is author of a series of books retelling the Bible including The Bloke’s Bible, The Groovy Gospel and Film & Faith. He passionately believes that the Bible was and is aimed at ordinary people, and that it is earthy, funny and incisive in the way it tells of God's interaction with the world. In his work he aims to strip away the religious language and any unnecessary reverence which puts distance between the Good Book and the people.
These days he spends much of his time retelling the Bible using anything that seems useful, TV, movies, internet, adverts, news stories etc. He speaks at various places here, there and everywhere and regularly publishes ideas and material via his website.