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Mission Statement:

The Coverdale Trust exists to support artists in the task of forming and transforming culture from a biblical and Christian perspective. It does this by providing financial support to enable artists to perform, tour & exhibit worldwide when local funding is unavailable or insufficient.

The Coverdale Trust is a UK Registered Charity No. 801913. (The trust changed its name from Alpha International Ministries in 2001 to avoid confusion with other trusts.)


Currently The Coverdale Trust is pleased to support the musician/music therapist Adrian Snell, the painter and sculptor Paul Hobbs the writer Dave Hopwood, musician/composer Steven Faux  and West End Has Faith in using their considerable and engaging artistic gifts.

See their respective pages to learn more.

Adrian Snell
Composer, Singer, Song-writer & Music therapist
Paul Hobbs
Visual Artist
Dave Hopwood
Writer, Speaker, Bible Communicator
Steven Faux
Musician and Composer
West End Has Faith