Adrian Snell

Adrian Snell - Composer, performer and Music Therapist

Composer, Performer and Music Therapist,  Adrian Snell, is well known for albums such as: “The Passion”, “The Cry, A Requiem for the Lost Child”, “Alpha and Omega”, “Fierce Love”, “Song of an Exile”, “City of Peace”, and most recently his trilogy: “Kintsugi, the Art of Precious Scars”.

He is known throughout the world through his many albums and performances at venues including:

The Royal Albert Hall, London (world premier of ‘Song of an Exile’);

St Paul's Cathedral, London (world premier of ‘The Cry, a Requiem for The Lost Child’);

Concertgebouw, Amsterdam;

Cirque d'Hiver, Paris;

Binyenei HaUma, Jerusalem (world premier of ‘Alpha and Omega’);  

Yad Vashem, Jerusalem;

National Concert Hall, Zurich;

Central Concert Hall, Dublin;

Central Concert Hall, Nairobi;

Washington National Cathedral, USA (world premier of ‘7 words for the 21st Century’)

At the turn of the century, Adrian decided to train as a Music Therapist. He completed his training in 2002 and received a post graduate diploma in Music Therapy (Dip.Mus.Th.) awarded by the University of Bristol through the Faculty of Medicine.

Adrian now practices as Music Therapist and Arts Therapy Consultant in a variety of places in and around Bath, his home town, where his primary focus is children and young people between the age of 2 and 19 who have special and additional needs. With sound and music as the primary means of communication, he builds meaningful relationships with these children as one of a team dedicated to seeing them reach their full potential as equally valued members of the community.

After 8 years of total focus on his work as music therapist and arts therapy consultant, Adrian returned to the recording studio and concert stage in 2013. The album that ended this long period of relative ‘silence’ was:

“Fierce Love” which quickly became his most highly acclaimed ‘solo’ album, since his recording debut; “Fireflake”, released in 1974.

The success of “Fierce Love” was, perhaps, partly due to the intimate, often intensely moving, way in which many of the soundscapes and instruments - indeed the subjects and themes within the material - were so clearly influenced by the years of ‘re-thinking’ sound and music, from the perspective of a composer ‘become’ music therapist.

In November 2020, Sacristy Press published his biographical book:

“Fierce Love, Music Leads a Lost Child Home” which has been received with overwhelmingly positive reviews:

“Winsome and heartfelt, it would be impossible not to be moved and enriched by ‘Fierce Love’ ” Jeremy Begbie, Duke University

“A beautifully crafted and soul-searching book - just like Adrian’s music.” Edmund Newell,

Writer and former Canon Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral.

Then came COVID 19…

So, during this life changing pandemic Adrian composed and recorded the song: “Breathe, Believe” written in the midst of this Global virus which confined much of the worlds population to their own homes…

In a matter of days, “Breathe, Believe” was enthusiastically heard by thousands of Adrians established supporters, and many new to his music. But this became the catalyst for the writing and recording of his most recent release, a trilogy:

“Kintsugi, The Art of Precious Scars”, three original albums released in March 2022.

More recently, on November 11th 2022, Adrian’s work; “The Cry, A Requiem for The Lost Child” was performed in The Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral, London, at the invitation of the organization; “Beyond Conflict”.

And most recently came the news that in February 2024, 44 years after the original recording and its premiere on BBC Radio One, a completely re-mixed anniversary edition of “The Passion” would be released, followed by a series of live concerts, some including full orchestra and choir. As and when finalised, further details will be available on Adrian’s web-site.

Adrian Snell continues, with the same passion for music that forever bound him to music as a little child, to integrate his skills and experience as composer, performer, recording artist, communicator and Music Therapist.


Fireflake 1975 Kingsway Music
Goodbye October 1976 Kingsway Music
Listen to the Peace 1978 Kingsway Music
Something new under the Sun 1979 Kingsway Music
The Passion 1980 Kingsway Music
Cut 1981 Kingsway Music
The Virgin 1981 Word
Adrian Snell Classics 1982 Kingsway Music
Midnight Awake 1983 Word
Feed the Hungry Heart 1984 Word
The Collection 1975-1981 1986 Kingsway Music
Alpha and Omega 1986 Word
Cream of the Collection 1989 Kingsway Music
Song of an Exile 1989 Word
Father 1990 Word
Kiss the Tears 1992 Word
We Want to Live 1992 Word
Beautiful...Or What?! 1993 Word
SOLO 1994 Word
City of Peace 1996 Alliance
My Heart Shall Journey 1997 Word
Light of the World 1997 Serious Music
Intimate Strangers 1998 Serious Music
Poems / Seven Hills 2001 Serious Music
Seven Words for the 21st Century 2002 Serious Music
The Cry: A Requiem for the Lost Child 2004 Serious Music
Every Place is Under the Stars 2006 Serious Music
Fierce Love 2013 Serious Music
Kintsugi, The Art of Precious Scars 2022 Serious Music
Children of Exile 1990 Serious Music
City of Peace: a Journey to the Roots of my Faith 1996 Monarch Publications
Fierce Love, Music Leads A Lost Child Home 2021 Sacristy Press
Adrian Snell - Live at Flevo 1992 Word
Beyond Words 2005 Coverdale Trust

Composer, Music Therapist and Arts Therapy Consultant
(LGSM, DipMusTh)

For further information, and questions relating to concert bookings or personal appearances, please contact Natasja Gorlee, Personal Assistant to Adrian Snell;

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