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What Is The Coverdale Trust?

The Coverdale Trust is a UK Registered Charity (No. 801913), which was established in 1989 for the support of the Christian arts. There is one associated trust in Holland and strong links with Albania and Italy. Click here to go to The Charity Commission website entry for The Coverdale Trust.

Our Vision

In many parts of the world, including our own, present artistic culture is largely dominated by a secular and humanist mindset. This is in part due to the neglect of the arts by Christians. Our vision is to play a part in breathing life into the arts by supporting the work of artists whose lives have been shaped by a biblical and Christian world view.

The Artists We Support

From its inception, the trust has been closely associated with Adrian Snell, whose long and fruitful career in contemporary Christian music has deeply impacted lives all around the world. We also work with visual artist, Paul Hobbswhose thought-provoking and challenging artwork has been shown in venues all over the country; and more recently, with writer/speaker Dave Hopwood, whose lively and humorous presentations by turns delight and challenge his audiences. More recently the trust has begun to support musician/composer Steven Faux and West End Has Faith.

The Opportunities

In recent years there have been increasing opportunities for these artists to travel to places where the desire and need for their influence is overwhelming. When enabled to do so, their presentations have provoked a powerful response and also provided inspiration and encouragement to local musicians and artists.

The Outcomes

The impact of such tours and exhibitions can be immense, as witnessed by the long-term relationships that have grown out of them. The creative arts are esteemed highly throughout the world, yet many cultures have been starved of spiritual input for generations. In this context, visits by Christian artists can provide the stimulus, resources, training and skills needed to bring a new generation into a fresh expression and experience of faith.

Your Response

We believe that the renewal of culture is far too important to be left to chance. In supporting Christian artists in this work The Coverdale Trust depends entirely on the prayers and financial support of those who share our vision. If you would like to be involved in helping us to grasp these opportunities, then please complete and return the Response Form.

The Role Of The Coverdale Trust

To send an artist together with a support team is very costly. Local organisers can rarely afford to cover all the expenses incurred, neither can the artists afford to foot the bill. This is where The Coverdale Trust becomes involved. The trust exists to make it possible for Adrian, Paul and Dave to take their work into places where, for financial reasons, they would otherwise be unable to go.

Our Trustees

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